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Hi everybody
I ve got a PC
Barton 2600+ MSI kt7v 512mo DDR + radeon 9200 128Mo + XP pro SP2
When i burn a DVD with nero express 6.3 (i add files which come from DVD SHRINK), i ve got so many problems:
-1 Nero says that it burns the DVD at 4X (the DVD is a verbatim certified 4X azo) but it is very long for burning ex: to burn a 1h30 min it takes about 2 hours
-2 when i read these dvd on my TV with a classical dvd player, the image seems still and after fews seconds, the film continue and after few minutes, the image is still and it is like that during all the films.
For information:

  • i uninstall nero and re-install it but it has changed nothing
  • When i bought the dvd recorder three or four mounths ago, it worked very well about 20 min to burn a dvd at speed 4X.
  • I don’t have changed nothing about all of the devices

Is it because of SP2 or is because of others ?
Sorry for the grammar because french is my mother’s tongue.
Many thanks


Hi and welcome @CDF,

your problem sounds a little bit like disabled DMA, please check the DMA settings and enable DMA if it is disabled. If you don’t know how to do, then take a look here.

I Hope this helps.


Many thanks, i change my dvd writer by master, i uninstall sp2 from xp pro, i upgrade nero 6.3 by 6.6, and i chesk if the dma is active.
It works very fast when it burns a DVd but when i look it on a classical DVD, sometises the picture is stilled during 10 seconds and the films continues. when you look an action film, it is very upset. May be the speed is too fast (4 X on a certified verbatim azo 4X )
thanks for your reply
Have a good day


Use a watch to record the burn time at 4X. Post the time.