Nu DDW-081(2) -R discs won't play in LG DVD 4750




could anybody offer some sensible - polite :stuck_out_tongue: - advice please?

I have a Nu DDW-081 flashed to DDW-082 (current firmware B373) and an LG DVD 4750 stand alone palyer.

The LG plays DVD-R/RW and +R/RW reliably most of the time. Until now, all the DVD-R/RWs I’ve tried were burned using an NEC 1300A (no longer available for use) and I’ve never had a problem, but when I try to play DVD-R/RWs burned using the DDW-081(2) the player tells me, after recognising the disk as a DVD and spinning for about 20 seconds:


The LG has been hacked to be region free, and all the disks I write are region free, so I don’t understand why this problem is occurring. All disks play well on my PC.

I have tried changing the bit-setting so the book type is DVD-ROM (using the Nu utility and DVDInfoPro) but this makes no difference.



PS the discs I’ve tries are Verbatim DataLife Plux 2x and Infiniti Samurai 4x.


The main negative points: While most of the negative points is rather small there is one that you should consider, and that is the DVD-R writing problems. DVD-R discs written by this drive is not readable by some drives, this is probably due to a problem with writing the Lead-in correctly.

This was in the conclusion of the NU review from CDfreaks. I’m having the same problem w/my Toshiba standalone. Were just gonna have to wait for a new update.


So it is a firmware problem? In some ways this is good to know, in an much as it can be rectified. And presumably the same problem exists on ‘genuine’ 082 drives.

But it’s bad that Nu allowed it to happen in the first place :a.

Here’s hoping that firmware b374 does the trick.



B373 won’t work.I have -082 model and upgraded the firmware. It doesn’t make abit of difference. I’m waiting to see if another firmware ver. comes out. NU had beter address this issue…quickly!!


It is that the lead-in is not being written properly. We saw this very same issue with the Lite-On drives with the early -R firmwares. Several other things I have noticed about my DDW-082:

  1. Buffer management could be better - Hovers around 80% with -R. More erratic with +R
  2. +R write quality not what I expected
  3. -R write quality better than I expected.

I guess the thing to keep in mind is NU is trying to improve the drive and add new features. Something the other guys don’t usually do. I am hopefull they will resolve the issues and I would suggest everyone do what I did and email your concerns to NU.


I’m not yet savvy enough to say whether or not the lead-in is erroneous, but this is a suggestion I’ve read several times. In my naievete I don’t understand why it would work on +R but not -R.

DVD+R writing has been perfect for me, but -R has been less rewarding. But I shan’t complain as the drive was sold purely as +R/RW. For now I shall use -R for temporary backup and +R for more serious work and video storage.

The support people as Nu are really very helpful. My emails have never been ignored, and I receive a reply within 24 hours. This level of support is extraordinary, so my thanks Nu for that.

I’m sure they will resolve this issue… if we let them know it IS an issue.