NU DDW-061: New Manuf.Date Label stucked over the old one



I just purchased a NU DDW-061 at a big local shop.
Being at home I noticed that a new Manufacturing Date Label has been
stucked exactly over the old one - very hard to recognize at first sight.

The new Manuf.Date Label has been stucked on the retail box and on the drive itself.
The “warranty void if seal broken” label on the drive has also been stucked over
with a new one.

Could it be a refurbished drive ? :confused: :confused:
All NU DDW-061 drives at my local shop have this new Manuf.Date Label.

The drive and the retail box look absolutely new without any signs of usage.

The old Manuf.Date has been Oct 17, 2003,
the new Manufacturing Date is Nov 20, 2003.

Andy :confused:


Just made my post a little bit shorter.

Seems it was too long so people skipped it :wink:

Andy :smiley:


My guess is that you’ve got a factory reconditioned drive there, but the real question is whether it’s working well. If it is, don’t worry about it.


Thanx for your reply :slight_smile:

The period from Oct 17 to Nov 20 is only 1 month, so it seems the drive
has never left the factory.

I can’t see any signs that the drive has already been build into a computer.
Even the retail box that also has a new Manuf.Date Label stucked over the
old one looks absolutely new.

Andy :smiley:


Just a follow up :slight_smile:

I contacted NU-USA and got the following reply:

According your description of this DDW-061, it should be a new drive instead of recondition drive.
Please let me know all function is normal or not? I mean can it read CD/ DVD ok? Write CD/ DVD+R ok?

Can you also use DVDinfopro freeware program capture the screen for me in my convenience.
This program can be reach at

If possible, please also let me know the serial number of this drive and where did you purchased this drive, thanks.

Best Regards,
Michael/ 05-12-2004

I’ve provided him with the requested information - let’s see :wink:

Andy :smiley: