Nu Build Puter!

I am thinking about rebuilding my old computer. I bought it barebones online with a ATX case with 350 power supply. This was about five years ago.
Now, with new powerful software/hardware to deal with, I was wondering if I could use the same case and put 550w or 600w PSU in my olod case, I guess it depends if it would fit,unless there is another reason not to use the old case. fan issue,there is one side case fan.
I use memory hungry photoshop and edit my Jpgs/PSD files as well as taking all my old CD’s and converting them to MP3 for storage. For that, I was thinking of a 500 or 750 GB External hard drive,and a 200 or 320 GB HD for the Computer. Would I have to place all my applications
(photoshop, etc., also on my external HD or just the files I make to back them up?

I am not a gamer, I just listen to music, edit my digital pictures and want a decent, faster, more up to date system. I don’t need SLi or dual PCi-e cards.

It gets confusing if I should even get a PCi-E graphics card or get a Mobo with onboard, same with audio,some come with or without.

If I’m also going to be editing Video, would the onboard card be fine? Or does that mean having to concentrate on a Video Capture card? :confused:

what I want…

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E6600,

Asus P5N -E Mobo,
Gigabyte MoBo ( NEVER a ECS eliteboard again, crashed after 2 years!)

4 GB DDR2 Ram,
2 or 3 drives - 1 Combo CD-RW and 1 DVD-RW Burner

550 w ATX Antec

Mobo Hard drive - 200 or 320GB For O.S. applications, etc.

I’m getting an external HD to help with overheating. Maybe add more fans on the case, or just buy a new case with the PSU and the USB, audio jacks on the front of case. Thanks for any help!

alright bozo (hehe)

i dont know much about mobos so ill leave that to someone else.

i would recommend two hard drives (seagate would be my preference, but most big names will do) , one for the operating system and one for storage ie 80gb and 500gb. you could even go for three internal hdd’s. a 500gb int. hdd is not that expensive these days. why do you want an external hdd? portability?

as for the ram i would only go for 4gb or more if you are going to use a 64bit operating system as a 32 bit system will only recognise 3gb to 3.5gb so any more would be a waste of money.

graphics card…hmm personally i would get something mid range if it is only to futureproof yourself a little bit, you dont need a massive high end graphics card for video editing.

your cpu choice seems ample to me ( what i would probably choose myself)

i would definitely get a new case as they are quite inexpensive but be warned the psu that sometimes come bundled with them are usually rubbish, get your own.


Yes, I am in the USA. California…where Micky Mouse lives.

Thanks for the help. I’ve heard that external drives are not that stable being moved around and stuff.

Maybe three Harddrives would be good.

  1. Operating system and applications,

  2. Storage for Hundreds of jpegs,mp3’s photoshop PSD files, and documents, and

  3. a hard drive maybe for video editing,someplace to temporaaily place the huge visdeo files to burn onto a DVD,etc.

With a e6850 Intel, and a 8800GT GPU,with maybe a quad in the future and more memory…now I’m just thinking of the 2GB DDR…would a 550w PSU be sufficent? Thanks, the Bozo


Yup those are fine choices. 550W is fine, you could even get 450W, seasonic and corsair are great.

You don’t really need 3 hard drives, get 2 SATA 500GB drives, that will be more than enough.

For the motherboard, get one of the intel P35 chipset boards.

If your not a gamer then the 8800gt is overkill, get the ATI 3850 its got excellent video quality and HD acceleration.

There’s really no need to run an external HDD, if you think your case is running hot then get a new one. Preferably one with at least two 120mm fans.

Your CPU choice might also be considered overkill, but if you want fast and have the money to spend then go for it :smiley:

1st rule, no nVidia on Intel platforms. =)

To be honest I think you’ll be fine with integrated graphics. If you want to game you can get a video card later on.

For your purposes I think this card is great, one slight downside is that it doesnt carry DVI and does your screen have it? Everything else is solid components, chipset (Intel Q35), LAN (Intel Gbit LAN), sound (Realtek ALC883) etc.

I’d also recommend you to have a look at Intel E6750 instead of E6600, E6600 is older, slower and actually more expensive.

As for PSU a 430W Seasonic S12 will be more than fine for your setup and they’re dead silent too.

If I were you I’d grab two 500Gb drives such as this one and you’ll be fine. Just make a partition for OS and programs on one.

[QUOTE=DiiZzY;1955040]1st rule, no nVidia on Intel platforms. =)


What. wtf are you talking about :eek:

[QUOTE=eric93se;1955502]What. wtf are you talking about :eek:[/QUOTE]

I think what DiiZzY meant is that he does not recommend NVIDIA nForce (motherboard) chipsets on Intel platforms.

[QUOTE=RJL65;1955514]I think what DiiZzY meant is that he does not recommend NVIDIA nForce (motherboard) chipsets on Intel platforms.[/QUOTE]

OHhh, thanks for clearing that up, :o

Glad to hear that I was the crazy one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Correct indeed =)

I originally posted this new info in the Hard Drive Forum, (because I had a question about RAID on the Mobo and whether or not I use that,or Windows to partition two drives in setup.

Happy Holidays!!!:bigsmile:

Ok, I did it. After all the info I received from folks on this website about what I needed for a newbuild (Never done it before)

Here it is…I have a few questions…(for now) I know someone might post back to tell me I’ve made the biggest mistake, but I am not an expert.

B[/B] Do I have to use the RAID on the two hard drives to set up my partitions to alllow about 40GB on the primary Hard drive,or is this done while in setup Windows O.S?

MSI P35 Platinum Intel Chipset crossfire Raid MoBo (Onboard 7.1 Audio)

Two Hard drives:
1) 74GB Raptor for O.S. and Applications, and maybr partition that for a little storage (10,000K RPM)
2) 500GB WD Sata II (7200RPM) - For Video Files,MP3’s,PSD, Jpgs,and document Storage.
Intel Core2Duo Quad Q6600
700w Thermaltake ATX 12v 2.2 PSU
2GB DDR2 PC6400/800 Ram
EVGA eForce 8600GT 512MB DDR2 GPU
CoolerMaster 690 ATX,Mid tower case (supports 7 Fans)
Pioneer DVD-RW 16x
Combo CD-RW 52x (maybe dump that and use the DVD)

B [/B]Another thing is the Quad…Is this alot of work trying to control the temperatures,or is this pretty straight forward Plug/play? (I’m thinking I should have got a DuoCore2 E6850 instead)

B[/B] Can I plug the case fans directly into the Power supply leads instead of the Mobo?

B[/B] Do I need to install e-sata or Pci-e drivers from somewhere in Bios, before any certain time during the rebuild?

(5) I have four 4 Dimm DDR2 Slots.I am going to use two @ 1GB each, Can they be consecutive like start in A1, A2, side by side,…Or do you go A1, B2 slot? The MSI Mobo booklet is not clear.

I have a version 2002 Serv. Pack II ((2004) Windows XP Home O.S. It does not say on the CD whether it is 32 or 64 Bit,if it is a 64Bit unsupported OS like microsoft said on it’s website, should I buy the new VISTA OS everyone is crying about it’s unstability issues? I’ve heard that the 64Bit is unstable, and will not do good on this new system.

I know I ask many questions…(Bla :eek: Bla:( Bla:o) I do aplogize,but this 800.00 Budget just grew to 1150.00,and I don’t want things to go south for lack of experience.

Thanks to all!:cool:

First off, CONGRATULATIONS, woo hoo.

Okay, you don’t need to load anything RAID, RAID requires two identical HDD’s. Only people running servers see the benefits of RAID, regular people that run RAID are suckers. Since you have one small HDD and one large HDD, you don’t have to partition anything. Just install the OS on the raptor.

Quad core, plug and play baby. :slight_smile:

Yes you can plug your case fans directly into the PSU, they will just run full speed.

You should have a disc that came with the MB that has the chipset drivers on it, you will install this before installing any extra hardware, and install it after you install the OS.

The DIMM slots are sometimes color coded to indicate which ones go together. The manual will state this, you gotta look some more.
Most likely (99%) your OS disc is 32bit, thats fine stick with it.

I just checked your manual, so you either populate slots A1 and B1, or populate slots A2 and B2. This is needed to run them in dual channel mode. A1 and B1 are a little better since it puts them a little further away from the CPU.