Nu 082 review

A new review of the nu 082:

Not a very convincing review…
I cannot make up your mind, is it a good or a bad drive?

My opinion:

Good for CD-R, DVD+R and DVD+RW.

Bad for DVD-R (especially 8x speed) and DVD-RW.

If you don’t care about DVD-R/RW than go for it if the price is right!

That’s not a review - it’s a press release (exactly the same words can be seen in places on the NU web site)

My own (limited) experience of DDW-082:
(a) Good for DVD+R/+RW (I have used several different brands of 4x and old 2.4x DVD+R & +RW, including some cheap/nasty discs - no problems. :slight_smile:
(b) Very picky on DVD-R/-RW - can get good results on some supported media, turns most unsupported discs into coasters :frowning:
Of the 4x DVD-R’s I had available I got usable results on discs with Ritek G04 and Prodisc S03 dye, discs with Princo dye and some unknown “AZO 4x” stuff were unusable.

Other good points
(a) Mt.Rainier (on firmware B373 and later)
(b) Bitsetting
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