Ntss and apocalypto copy problems, need your help please


I need a little help with two problems I have not encountered before. I purchased a sports (tour de france) dvd, and when I went to play it, I got an error message: Not NTSS I was later informed this was a region 2 dvd from the UK. I tried to make a back-up dvd, thinking AnyDVD might fix it, but it didn’t. Any ideas? This is probably old hat stuff to most of you guys, but it sure has me stumped. I couldn’t find anything posted for NTSS in search either.

Also, I purchased Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, and tried to make a back-up, and it copied fine, but unlike the original movie, the back-up has this irritating running commentary by Mel the full length of the movie, and I can’t seem to get rid of it. I did see a thread on here that mentioned this, but audio streams mentioned (including one mentioned for the myan language) were not shown on the screen in DVDShrink, or Ripit4me. I tried just copying the main movie, but that awful commentary was still on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I think a search or two will solve your problems. Here are some tips from the top of my head:

Your cycling video is probably encoded in the PAL format; your dvd player and video equipment are designed to work with the NTSC standard (higher FPS, smaller frame sizes, etc). Converting from one format to the other isn’t a trivial operation.

RE: Apocalypto. I had no real problems backing it up, and I’m definitely not a DVD mastering whiz. Here’s a quick description of what I did:

Ripped the DVD to HDD with AnyDVD.
Opened the VOBs in PgcEdit, removed the FBI warning, made it region free, checked the parental level settings, set the Eng subs to forced, etc.
Used FixVTS to strip any unreferenced material.
Opened it in PgcEdit again just to make sure everything looked ok.
Loaded the VOBs in ImgBurn, was able to choose the original layer break, and created and ISO+MDS combo for burning to DVD-9.

If you’re looking to do a DVD-9 to DVD-5 transcode, just get rid of all the stuff you don’t want with DVDShrink or similar–French subs, director’s commentary, DTS audio, whatever. I think you’re looking at a 89.x% transcode after that. If you’re having trouble getting the English subs to display automatically, change them to forced before you create your ISO for burning.

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Thanks for all the responses. For some reason I am not getting emails to let me know about replies, even though I have it selected in my profile. I am fairly new to the forum, having only posted a few times, and sometimes can’t find things, and was frustrated finding my post had been moved to a different forum without being told where. The only way I had to find the replies was by keeping my post listed on “my favorites”, and checking it often. I see now the invitation to go away was actually a signature, but I didn’t know it then, and felt it was a pretty sad way to reply to a post asking for help. Sorry for the mix-up. I will try the suggestions given, and let you know if they work for me.

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