Hi, I’m pure new to this Forum business, so please excuse any errors that I may make.

I was wondering if you can convert NTSC video tapes to DVD, using a DVD Recorder (particularly the Panasonic DEMRES10), as this is the one that I am planning on buying? If not, what other (if any), DVD Recorder can do this task as I’ve alot of videos that I got from America and I want to back them up onto DVD?

If you’re planning on backing up commercial video tapes to DVD, all DVD recorders (that I know of, including the Panasonic) have a built-in trigger that works in tandem with Macrovision that prevents you from copying. Of course there are black boxes that cut through that, but I don’t think it’s a subject for this forum.

No, I’m not worried about copy protection. It’s just the NTSC conversion that I’m interested in. You any ideas if it’ll work?

You can download a conversion software such as winavi video converter to do this job. It is very easy.

You can connect any VCR to the ES10 and record to your heart’s content, assuming there’s no Macrovision on the tapes. You should get excellent results. If you want to push for best possible quality, I’d suggest getting a JVC S-VHS VCR that can provide the best possible picture for editing and will use the SVHS video connect, which the ES10 will accept.

Last time I checked, a high-end JVC S-VHS VCR played back regular VHS recordings with horrible smudged picture, much worse than from a regular VHS VCR. The JVC played back S-VHS recordings really nice though.

What is the difference between the ES10 and ES20?

According to Panasonic, the only difference is a DV input on the ES20.