I bought a Pioneer DV-233 DVD Recorder in USA and brought in home with me to Sweden. I have managed to plug it in but it only shows my dvds in black and white. Ok, so I know I need to convert the dvd player to PAL but, HOW?? I called Pioneer support and they say that it is not possible to change the setting on a pioneer dvd player. So can I download a converter program? Does anyone know? Please, I really want to fix this.

AFAIK, there’s no simple method to convert NTSC to PAL and vice versa. It’s a PITA. There are some threads that deal with this if you do a search.
I think most folks opt for a new player capable of NTSC <—> PAL. They can be had pretty cheaply…a friend of mine bought a cyberhome (I think that’s right) for about $58 US.

I’ll be right back…I’ll try to finfd the link.

[Edit] This isn’t the link I wanted, but here’s one of the players.
If you google it, you should get a few hits.

This unit is a recorder so you will not be able to record Swedish TV either.

For playback, see if your TV has an NTSC input, as some do and probably need an S-Video lead. There’s two flavours of NTSC but you might be lucky, and if it’s a CRT TV; then to avoid a rolling picture it will need to accomodate 60 Hz input.

Otherwise you can buy an NTSC -> PAL convertor box, but one that does everything properly is mighty expensive.

Get a cheap dvd player for 30 bucks in europe, they can play PAL and NTSC.


99.9% of the PAL players can also playback NTSC.
0.01% of the NTSC players can also playback PAL.

The name of the link to buy the region free player is called
bargin offers. They have region free players dvdrecorders at
various prices. If your from sweden you will have to look up the
conversion to u.s. dollars,but you shouldn’t have no trouble.
Good Luck ZAP