Ntsc to pal

im having trouble with reencoding ntsc dvds to pal i use dvd shrink and reencode them region free and it just doesnt seem to work can somebody help me or is there a better programme


DVD Shrink does NOT re-encode NTSC to PAL, but what it does do is transcode the movie in its native format(NTSC/PAL) from a larger file to a smaller file(so a DVD-9 can fit on a Single DVD-R, i.e. Dual layer to single layer). So if you want to do NTSC to PAL, what I would suggest is the following:

  1. Rip the DVD with DVD Decrypter/DVD Shrink(in backup mode).
  2. Use an encoder such as TmpgEnc to feed the files into and re-encode it to PAL(selecting in the wizard).
  3. Take the O/P of the encoder(whatever you use) and feed it to a DVd Authoring software(such as DVD Lab pro/ Tmpg DVD Author/any other one you are comfortable with).
  4. Burn the output with Nero(preferable).

Hope this helps.