Ntsc To Pal Problems

hi there,
I’m currently trying to convert an NTSC version dvd to pal, but am having trouble.

bascially, I’ve been opening up the VOB files in DVD2AVI, then changing the settings to the ones advised.

I then go to save project, and the software scans the VOB for about five minutes, and produces two files, an audio file, and a .d2v file.

i then load the two .dll files into WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder as instructed. (Im using XP Professional if this makes any difference??)

Then I go into notepad, and type in the lines of code described, and save as “movie.AVS”

when I open this movie.AVS as “video source” in TMPEGenc plus 2.5, I get an error message saying file unsupported.

Am I meant to be doing this? Is tmpegenc meant to be able to open this tiny 1k film.AVS file as video source???

Am I meant to back up the VOB in DVD2AVI as an .avi???

Please help as this is driving me nuts!!!

perhaps there’s software that will just convert VOB from NTSC to PAL automatically???



nero vision express with the mpeg 2 plug in can help u out if u don’t mind giving up menus (plus its a LOT less hassle - point and click).

hi mate,
sounds interesting. I have nero 5.5…will that do? If so, what do I need to do in Nero? cheers

unfortunately, nero 5.5 won’t do as that’s just the burning rom. nero 6 is a full suite and vision express is like a dvd authoring section. If ur connection is up to the task, u can give it a download from ahead’s website (about 20meg dload I think). U’ll also need the mpeg 2 dvd plug in to get the dvd authoring section or else they restrict u to vcd.
I didn’t use anydvd at the time, so I’d rip the vobs to my hard drive with dvd decryptor. open vision express (which has a neat wizard), add video files (vobs, avis, mpg whatever) and in options, choose if u want it to be pal or ntsc. It then does its thing. As I said tho, u’ll have to leave off the menus.
there is a guide in the guides section of the video section here at cdfreaks, but after reading it once, my head was spinning and I wrote it off as cumbersome.

Just follow the DVD to DVDR tutorial, but check the NTSC to PAL box and it automatically sets the AVISynth script correctly.


You might want to checkout rePal (plugin for avisynth).