NTSC to PAL help please

OK…I need to convert a couple DVDs to PAL for the kids TV in the bedroom because they play in B&W.

Am I right in thinking this could be the way?

  1. Demux the audio/video
  2. Run the audio [ac3] through beSweet and covert it to PAL.

3 Now, what about the video file? What would be the best tool to convert so the dreaded “1 second” stutter is eliminated?

Assuming the video went ok, with whatever tool, is it a case of loading them up in Maestro and build the DVD?


You really need to convert the NTSC dvd to PAL using DVD2SVCD to re-encode it unfortunately. But tick the NTSC to PAL box.

To stop the stutter or jerks you need to do some updating to the avisynth script and use the SmoothDeinterlacer plugin. I have not used the script myself (from the doom9 avisynth forum) as all my NTSC stuff plays perfectly on my PAL TV, but is something like:

NTSC (29.97fps) to PAL (25fps)

AVISource(“NTSC-Source.avi”) # Change to your filename
SelectEvery(4,1,2) # Change to SelectEvery(4,0,3) if output video looks very jerky
ConvertToRGB() # Might not be essential

Thanks for the info.
Someone else has pointed me in the direction of “Canopus ProCoder”. he told me this will do it with the minimal of effort.

Have you heard of this tool? If so, is it up to the job?

Canopus Procoder is an excellent encoder particularly for DV stuff , however it is extremely slow and quite expensive. As for its ability to convert NTSC to PAL with acceptable results, well to be honest I have never tried it. It is relatively simple to use however if you know what all the settings/options mean.

Good grief! Have to seen the options in Canopus?.
Bloody hell, will take about a month just wading through them to get the conversion started !

Looks a great tool though…:wink:

If the film is NTSC film then just go ahead with what you were doing.

As for the video, all you need to do is change it from 23.976fps to 25fps, how you do this would depend on what program you are using for the encoding.

Once you have converted the framerate (also resized) then just re-author with your audio from BeSweet and hopefully it will play smoothly and in sync.

If however it is true NTSC, then you would need to go with something like what ChickenMan suggested.

to convert the NTSC dvd to PAL

The term you are asking about is called “transcoding”.

however it is extremely slow

to transcode 1 hour of PAL.avi to NTSC>MPEG2, takes
about 5 to 6 houres in master quality with ProCoder

It is relatively simple to use however

just go with the “wizard” and use the presets PAL and select/change the endformat to NTSC

This is how i converted PAL To NTSC(should’nt be a problem other way)
1.Copy the whole DVD to HD with DVD Decrypter
2 Run DVD2AVI. Save Project(.d2v) with the option Remux all tracks(If you want the original multitrack .ac3/.dts/.mpa/LPCM)
Now you have a d2v file and .ac3 file.
3 Run TMPGEnc Plus and call the .d2v in .
4 Unlock the Settings in Settings Page
a) Size(In your case 720x480 to 720x576)
b) FrameRate(25.00) Bitrate set to CBR to fit in One DVDR
c) Video Format(PAL)
d)Encode Mode(Interlaced)(Depending on source Video)
5 Create an m2v file.(this will be a PAL Video Track)
6 Run IFOEdit and Click on Author new DVD
7 a)Specify the m2v file for Video
b)Specify the .ac3/.dts file for Audio
8 A set of vob files is created
Save the .ifo files
A valid DVD Folder is created.
9.Open TMPGEnc DVD Author Click Add DVD Video and specify the needed .ifo to Author Menus
(TMPGEnc DVD Author does not play .ac3/.dts but it’s OK.It Blindly takes the audio and prepares the DVD folder With Menu)
10 Finally Burn it with Nero 6 and you’ll have a PAL DVD with the Original SoundTrack
I think this should solve it for you.It did for me :slight_smile:

Basically the Timeline does’nt change so as long as you are changing a whole movie no need for transcoding audio.
Just patch the original audio track with the newly formed video track
Used S/W:- DVD Decrypter,DVD2AVI,TMPGEnc Plus,TMPGEnc DVD Author,IFOEdit,DVD Shrink,Nero Express 6

Canopus ProCoder Express is cheap (around £40) and a lot easier to use (wizzard based questions) but has the same engine as its big brother. I use it to convert NTSC avi to PAL MPEG2’s and it works a treat.

Hello! I have a major problem and I hope you guys can help me!

I am using Sonic MyDVD to burn DVD+R’s. When I initially made my first DVD, the program told me to be sure to switch to PAL format or my DVD player would not read it. Well, at the time, I didn’t know what I was doing so I said OK. Well, now, what I think the program did was convert all my mpeg’s to PAL format. The reason I think that is because now I’m “smart” enough, or think I am, ha…and know to burn in NTSC cause I live in NY and when I try to do that, the program tells me I can’t cause my files are PAL. Unfortunately, I don’t have a current backup of my files before they were converted. Any idea how to get my files back to normal? Any software that will do it? Someone told me to do a “system restore” in XP to before I installed the program? Should I?

Also, just for kicks…I had some mpeg files on an old zip disk that I tried to import into Sonic and it wouldn’t let me. It’s almost as if my computer is set in PAL???

Is there a program to convert them back without losing the quality?

Please help!!!

Thanks so much!


Patty, please don’t crosspost. You’ve raised this same question on the Transcoding forum…


I know, I’m sorry! I posted on the wrong one…I’m new to this…sorry

That’s quite all right.:slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

New here and I have an issue where I have performed all the above steps,but now at the point where I am using TMPGEnc to convert the vid.

The problem I am having is that the output .m2v file is too big. I have selected CBR (7000kbps) but I am ending with a file that is 6GB.

How can I make it fit in one DVD?



PS. Sorry for the n00b question. I did a search and could not really find anything that answered it

The simplest is to just use DVD2SVCD and tick the NTSC to PAL box. See the Tutorial section on how to do it all. You can use TMPGEnc insted of CCE that the Tutorial recommends, just set it to 2 pass VBR and leave all the other options at defaults.

Thanks ChickenMan.

And just to confirm using DVD2SVCD will allow me to use that output file in TMPGEnc dvd author to write it back to a dvd.

Thanks again.

DVD2SVCD can author it for you, no need to use TMPGEnc DVD Author. But if you like, TDV can be used with the files generated.

I am totally lost. Sorry :frowning: I was following the tutorial, it leads to convert the DVD to a VCD and I set everything to what was stated. But Under the MISC tab. Should I set the outputfile as DVD???

My other issue is that NTSC to PAL is greyed out. Also it mentions that the playback will be jerky if I select this option. Is this true if the outputfile is DVD

Thanks for the help.

I thought your making a DVD to a DVDR, then why are you reading the DVD to VCD Tutorial ? Try this one - http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=62671

Coolies…I read that to and that still is not converting it from NTSC to PAL as it is still greyed out…