Ntsc to pal greyed out on AVI2DVD?

i want to get some avi tv episodes on to dvd. ive done it once before and all went fine. however i uninstalled the DVD2SVCD i had on the computer and so downloaded it again and when i go to convert the avi files with AVI2DVD the NTSC to PAL conversion is greyed out. it wasnt like this last time… help?

Make sure Advanced is selected in Misc Tab and that you dont have “Do not convert audio” ticked in the Audio tab. Also it the AVI is 29.97fps then I dont think it gives you that option either.

you can also make a mpeg file from your avi files.
you can use mainconcept mpeg encoder (you can also choose between pal and ntsc)

works perfect to me
greets from martijn
p.s. after you made mpeg files you have to use author software to make a dvd

awesome! thanks so much CM:D