NTSC To PAL Format For DVD's?



I want to copy a NTSC DVD to my computer and then burn to disc in PAL format.
I have Nero Express.
Any suggestions.


I’m not sure if you can maintain your original menus and such this way but click more on the first page, click video options, and set it to the appropriate pal option. Add the files you riped to your hard drive. Go through the program and create menus and such. Before it starts transcoding it will pop up a message that says, most of your content is ntsc, are you sure you want to burn pal, do you want to change the format to ntsc (or something like that). Click no so that it does convert it to pal. I have not done this but have kind of done the oppisite (converted pal divx to ntsc dvd). Thier may be a beter way to do this (so you can maintain original menus) but as far as using nero express, hopefully that helps a little.
As far as ripping it to the hard drive, try dvd decryptor (its free, just google it).


why not just make it region free? use dvd decrypter to burn it to the hard drive as region free, then use nero to burn recode it (or dvd shrink) and burn it to disc.


Will that convert it from ntcs to pal (I really have no idea though I didn’t think recode could). Maybe he has standalone hardware that won’t play ntsc.


hmm now that i actually think about it, maybe not actually…


you can defenetly make a back-up region free with dvd shrink but i don`t think you can do this with dvd decrypter.