hello to all hope you can help me :slight_smile:
since my last post I now understand more about what I am trying to do
I want to copy some of my old ntsc video tapes onto dvs using
video player NEC-NDT40 to my LITEON LVW-5005 recorder
I can watch and play ok but when I try to record the lower part of the
picture is fuzzy (liteon set at pal mode) I thought that this would be the correct setting as my video player outputs in pal. which is correct for Australia.
If I set the liteon recorder to ntsc mode I receive a message wrong signal type.
can anyone tell me how to overcome this or is it even possible???
beau :confused:

Wrong forum, mate.

Move to the “Lite-On DVD Recorder and Player Forum”. Thanks chef :slight_smile:

Assuming you are using an RW disk, you will get the wrong signal type message if you set the Liteon to NTSC mode but insert a disk that was previously erased (formatted) when the recorder was set to Pal mode

i.e. you have to erase the disk after you set the Liteon to NTSC (or Pal Mode if going other way) mode. This would also apply for a once only recordable disk.

The DVD would then record in NTSC mode which may solve your problem.

I am unsure why you are getting a fuzzy picture from your video player when set in Pal mode. If you get this when the Video is connected direct to a TV, it could be your video NTSC/Pal cnversion is poor. Also, some TVs (in UK) purport to be dual Pal/NTSC but don’t seem to work well in NTSC mode (I know - one of mine does not work that well - NTSC has less lines that Pal and when they play back, they start at the top Pal line and leave a wide bar at the bottom, so the picture is offset).

OILMAN, thanks for your reply I have tried both of these without success
the fuzzy portion ony appears when I try to copy , not when just veiwing.
I have reposted in the liteon dvd recorder and player forum
It has been suggested to me that it has something to do with the pal output from my player being of a different line size to the recorders imput acceptability :confused:

Most PAL VCR’s will output a PAL-60 picture when they play back an NTSC VHS tape. This is basically a picture with an NTSC resolution (525 lines) and frame rate (30 full frames / sec), but with PAL colour coding. The majority of PAL TVs in the past 10 years or so will handle a PAL-60 picture by simply scanning the screen at the higher frame rate. However, the LiteOn runs into problems here since as a PAL DVD has a fixed resolution and frame rate, it still tries capturing the full PAL frames, however as PAL has more lines that NTSC (625 vs. 525), the DVD recorder will end up capturing some garbage for the bottom portion of the picture. I am quite surprised the picture does not end up ‘rolling’ as a result of the frame rate difference. :rolleyes:

I would recommend carrying out what Oilman mentions about initialising the disc. To do this, configure your LiteOn to NTSC (via its menu) and then initialise the disc you plan on recording. If the disc is already initialised and is a DVD+R or DVD-R, then you will need to get another disc. Otherwise if you are using a DVD-RW or DVD+RW, erase this disc using the recorder’s ‘Erase’ feature as this will cause it to reinitialise the disc, but in NTSC.

The only issue that may remain is that the LiteOn will expect NTSC Colour coding via its composite inputs, since a PAL VCR that outputs PAL-60 when playing NTSC tapes uses PAL Colour coding, which is totally incompatible with NTSC. This problem would be easily recognised as the picture would come out in Black & White. If your VCR and LiteOn can be connected via Scart, ensure ‘RGB’ is chosen for the Scart output on the VCR (if this option is available). :wink: