NTSC to PAL Conversion



Hi Guys im a total noob,

I was hoping someone could help me. I’ve got some MPEG’s that ive downloaded through various sources and i wanted to put them on a DVD. However i can only do it in NTSC, well i need it in PAL as i’m from England. IS there anyway to convert these files into PAL so i can watch them through my TV??



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Many UK DVD players will handle this handle this NTSC->PAL conversion automatically, even some of the real cheapies.

With avi format files it’s much easier than when in mpeg.

There’s a guide on VideoHelp.com which might help. Look here .

There’s also a “patch” method for fooling DVD players that can help if you can’t get the above to work. Again look here .


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I’ve been doing the opposite - PAL to NTSC.
It was possible to do encoding with Nero - however I found that I didn’t actually need to because my standalone DVD player would actually play both formats fine once I set it up right with progressive scan enabled.
Give it a try with your system as it may save you lots of time.


cheers guys. i’ll give them a go