NTSC/PAL1 Potential conversion problems. Ideas, etc eagerly sought

I am presently on vacation in Florida, for a three week break, and I have been looking into the feasibility of buying a DVD camcorder from one of the local outlets in and around Clearwater. My main reason for contemplating such a course, is that there are some fairly large savings, possibly to be made by buying over here, as opposed to buying the same or similar DVD camcorder models, back in the UK.

However this then presents me with the burning issue of figuring out how to convert the NTSC video TV format of the (US bought) DVD camcorder, to the required PAL1 format, as used on UK bought camcorders and TVs, back home in England. Plus of course any, as yet unknown problems that may arise, in my using the NTSC camcorder back home, in the longer term.

My sincere apologies for my rather long winded statement of the issue, but as a newbie to cdfreaks .com, I would genuinely prefer to hear from others of you out there who may have some useful views, advice, expert opinions, or other helpful suggestions to enable me to make a considered and logical decision whether to buy or not to buy, before I leave the USA by the end of October. My thanks and warm regards to all who can be of assistance.

John F Boyle

Hi John and welcome:

This link below will get you started.


I don’t know what the dollar savings are but there would be import taxes to pay when you reenter the UK as well as issues of warranty/repair for the item purchased in the U.S. Regardless what you do, the link has been invaluable to many members.

There’s two options to convert between ntsc & PAL …

The first is basically interpolation, whereby you use programs to basically interpolate 24 frames back to 25 fps … keeping the audio.
Takes a very long time & you lose quality.

The alternative is (what the big production companies do) … change the framerate without changing the video datastream. Increase the playback rate of the audio, but alter the frequency so it doesn’t sound higher pitched than normal.
Much quicker.

But seriously … you’re just better off buying equipment for the right TV system (PAL or NTSC) that you will use it in.

Keep in mind though, that most TV’s that are PAL also seem to support the NTSC standard as well, at least nearly everything recent :wink: