NTSC & PAL - Playable in European DVD Player

Hey wassup guys, i have a sony dvd digital camcorder. I recorded like an hour of my vacation in poland. And now im back in canada. I wanna send this dvd back home, but will it work in poland. The whole NTSC & PAL thing im not to sure about.

it’ll depend on whether or not the dvd player and tv you use in poland will be able to display NTSC (i’m assuming the camcorder is from canada).

ya it is from canada. ITs pal system over there, no? how would i convert a dvd to pal? is there any software out there that can do this.

Try using DVDSanta. (One solution: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=135193&highlight=add+subtitles).

ok thanks

although it’s PAL in europe, modern dvd players and tvs can often display both NTSC and PAL, regardless of the part of the world that the unit is sold.