I am trying to make a music vcd, but i have a mixture of pal and ntsc mpegs. I am using nero to burn and i presume all mpegs have to be the same either pal or ntsc.

How do i go about converting them all to one state (PAL or NTSC) properly?


VCD/CDI Compilant MPEG1 Specs:

Audio = 44100 Hz, Stereo, 224 kBit/s

Video = (NTSC) 352x240/29.97 Hz (fps) or
(NTSC film) 352x240/23.976 Hz (fps) or
(PAL) 352x288/25 Hz (fps)

NTSC = USA system standard
PAL = European system standard

These are the differences…don`t know about the convertion though…might wanna try one (or both) of these:

TMPGEnc ( http://www.tmpgenc.com/ )

FlasK Mpeg ( http://go.to/flaskmpeg )

it’s also possible to burn a multi-standard VCD (i.e. with both NTSC and PAL mpeg’s on it). if your TV supports NTSC playback or you have a DVD-player which is dual system (PAL/NTSC) you can just burn the NTSC and PAL mpeg’s to one VCD and play it back without problems.
Converting from PAL to NTSC or from NTSC to PAL is very difficult…

thanx people, i’ll try and burn both on one cd.