NTSC & PAL onto one CD-r using Nero?


I have loads of live music clips I want to put onto one cd-r … I am currently TMPGenc’ing them, some of them are PAL, some of them are NTSC …

When I come to burn them onto cd-r, using Nero, does it matter? Should I specify NTSC or PAL prior to burning? What is the best way to do it?

Any help would be appreciated.



If you intend on making a disc capable of being played in a standalone player, then all the clips should be in the same format (PAL I suppose if you’re in the UK). But if you’re just burning them for storage and to be looked at on a computer, then it doesnt matter.

Unfortunately, it is for watching on a standalone dvd player. Hopefully it will work out about half/half so I can do 2 discs one of each lol

Depends on what kind of player you’ve got aswell. If it’s capable of outputting NTSC to PAL it might work to burn both PAL and NTSC videos. Note it might not work also :wink: