NTSC on PAL equipment?

I always found that if I played NTSC DVDs on PAL equipment that the picture never looked as sharp or clean. Would this still the case with imported bluerays? Are NTSC bluerays 29fps and PAL 25fps or does it not work in the same way?

Doesn’t work in the same way. They are the same standard in all regions. Framerate can vary too, depending on what the studio decides to use. Most films will come as 29.970 fps (30000/1001) but in reality they are 23.976 (24000/1001)

So a PAL film bought in the UK can also now be 29.970 or 23.976?

Huh? I said there are no standards so there is no PAL with BluRay.

Yup, that is correct. Although Blu-Rays are usually region coded these days, the whole PAL/NTSC issue doesn’t exist with the high-def optical formats.