Ntsc Dvd To Pal Please Help



Does anyone know how I can convert an NTSC DVD to PAL? Its not a copy protected DVD



Here is one method using free tools. Takes quite a few different programs though.

  1. Download Vob2Mpg http://www.videohelp.com/tools/VOB2MPG
    Run the dvd you have now through this program and it will convert the vob files to one mpeg2 file. It is non-destructive and will not reencode the video.

  2. Download FAVC, and the two helper programs if you need them called Avisynth and Windows Net 2.0. There are direct links to Avisynth and Net 2.0 at the FAVC home page: http://favcfavc.googlepages.com/

  3. Download AvsP 2.02 http://www.videohelp.com/tools/AvsP
    This is a script writing program for Avisynth.

  4. At this point in time you should have Avisynth, Net 2.0 and FAVC installed on your computer.

  5. Open AvsP and drag and drop the mpeg2 file you made with Vob2Mpg into the main window. You should get a line of text that looks something like this: DirectShowSource(“C:\Name of your movie.mpg”) Save this script. It will be a very small .avs file.

  6. Now start up FAVC. On the first page, hit the little magnifying glass icon to look for your input files. You are going to use the small .avs file as your input. Next, choose the DVD format you want, which in this case is PAL. You should use the HC encoder. There are other options you can use in this program, like the size of the output, output as ISO rather than files, etc. If you have questions on settings in FAVC post back here. You can also make a small menu if you like.

  7. Start FAVC and let it run. Output should be a PAL dvd which you can burn to disk however you want. FAVC will allow automatic burning with ImgBurn if you selected that option on the first page.


Only one problem: my original 16:9 is now squished into 4:3…



Sorry about that dean. FAVC is a simple front end for converting avi to dvd. Trying to use it for NTSC to PAL dvd conversions is pushing past its original intent. Sometimes it works, sometimes you get squished.

There are some guides over at videohelp for this format conversion, but most involve a commercial encoder. Easiest path is just to use ProCoder, but you can buy a lot of dvd players that can handle both formats for the cost of that encoder.


Besides FAVC,which my friend Kerry suggested, try with DVDFlick, it’ll open vobs directly from source w/o using .avs script first and set target to PAL…
But as stated ,there are many players that will play both formats, I have 4…