NTSC dvd to PAL dvd

I hope someone can tell me how to copy a region 1 NTSC dvd to a region 2 PAL dvd
many thanks for any help


NTSC and PAL are the two main standards used across the world. NTSC has a higher frame rate than pal (29fps compared to 25fps) but PAL has an increased resolution, and gives off a generally sharper picture. Playing NTSC discs on PAL systems seems a lot easier than vice-versa, which is good news for the Brits An RGB enabled scart lead will play an NTSC picture in full colour on most modern tv sets, but to record this to a VHS tape, you will need to convert it to PAL50 (not PAL60 as the majority of DVD players do.) This is either achieved by an expensive converter box (in the regions of £200+) an onboard converter (such as the Dansai 852 / certain Daewoos / Samsung 709 ) or using a World Standards VCR which can record in any format.

Rip the disc with dvd decrypter then it should play on any player (the disc will be region free). Don’t worry about the standard your dvd player will convert it to PAL.