NTSC DVD to iPod mpeg4 2-pass problem

Hi. I have DVDFab and I live in Europe. However, I have recently bought a few DVDs in America (The Departed, and 12 Angry Men) which are NTSC.

Up to now, I have encoded all my PAL DVDs to iPod with the “ipod.mpeg4” profile with “High quality encoding (2-pass)”, a bitrate of 768 kbps, and framerate of 25 fps, a custom frame resolution of 640x360 for 16:9, and 640x480 for 4:3. For audio, the bitrate I select is 128 kbps at 150% volume.

For PAL, there are no problems. It’s once I try encoding NTSC (with the exact same settings above except with 29.97 fps), when problems arise. The encoding process completes without any error. But when I playback the file (with Quicktime for example), at the end of the movie (around the last 1/20th), the video turns white, and the audio continues.

I tried ripping the Main Movie from the disc to my harddrive, and then encoding it to iPod format, with the same results. I tried just encoding one chapter of the DVD, but still, the last 1/20th of the movie is just white.

Then I changed the setting when encoding to iPod to “Fast encoding (1-pass)” and the white is gone, and the video ends normally. Is there anything I’m doing wrong? Is it maybe because my DVD drive’s region is PAL?

Use latest and try again.

Hi ybakker and welcome to cdfreaks,

This is a known bug and was fixed by Fengtao in v. Beta
As Blazkowicz said, simply update your version.
Here is the referenced thread if you’re interested:
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