NTSC DVD Recoding Stutter

Hello everyone. I’ve been trying to figure this out. I’ve noticed that if a DVD source is 29.97 fps but telecined, Recode will detect this and produce an .mp4 that’s 23.98 fps. Such files play fluidly. However, if the DVD source is 29.97 fps but not telecined, Recode produces a 29.97 fps .mp4 file, which stutters or ‘jerks’ in its video. Is there a way to force an inverse telecine?

Okay, so I found the post for the stutter patch and installed it. It seemed to help a lot, even though it sounds like the patch is more for telecined material (Recode does not say “29.97 fps (telecined)” under info, only “29.97 fps”). I still notice a very slight clipping. I would still appreciate any suggestions all of you may have.