Ntsc convertion to PAL

Ntsc convertion to PAL
I have tried Nero vision but the titles are unplayable as is the movie.
Any easy software one click type available?

Not possible (normally) with one-click tools.

Maybe you would try with DVDSanta anyway.

An interesting article is here: http://www.camcorderinfo.com/content/article_converting_ntsc_pal.htm

I think Canopus ProCoder does it BEST - I have a little problem with software that use frame blending/interpolation as the overall image is blurry, where Canopus gives you the option to choose either, including nearest frame which preserves the quality of the frame.

DVD2SVCD will do it perfectly for you. Once you got the settings right - defaults are generally OK - then it’s so very simple. Oh it’s free as well.

There’s usually no need to convert NTSC seeing as almost all equipment in PAL territories are capable of playing back both PAL and NTSC. But if you have to convert for some reason the best way is probably using AviSynth seeing as tools like Canopus ProCoder will basically just decimate frames.

I was looking into the Pal-NTSC conversion recently.
I am editing PAL videos and i need high quality coversion.

I share with you what i had come up with.

I found 3 different softwares:

i haven’t tried this one yet.

This one i tried, i didn’t like the results,
noticeable loss of quality even at the best settings

Same here loss of quality, i need something that does a better

The first one seems the most promising and also costs the most.
I’ll think i’'ll go with that one, if the demo works fine.
But see for yourself.

Good Luck.

I have converted a dozen DVDs with canopus procoder (after ripping with vobedit) and the result is excellent - Canopus can either use nearest frame method and retain quality or use interpolation, which causes blurring/ghosting overall. I use a combination of “nearest frame” method with an unsharp mask and my final DVD is outstanding you would never guess it was converted from PAL to NTSC.

I’ve done a number of PAL to NTSC conversions using NeroVision, and while slow it is relatively easy and the results have always been excellent. Never tried it the other direction for the reason cited by Mr. Horse.

It’s still an inferior method compared to examining the video and selecting the appropriate filters yourself. Of course that requires that you know a little about the standards and well as de-interlacing, inverse telecine, pulldown flags, etc. If you’re not comfortable with that then ProCoder is probably one of the better simple tools for the job.

I’ve found that VOBBlanker does a fine job, at least converting from PAL to NTSC. I would imagine it would do just as fine a job the other way :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input. I have tried Santa but though I get the main movie after the first minute the sound finishes Also no subtitles maybe I aint doing something right? I just insert Video_TS this shows the total lenghth of the movie " hours 8 mins and 30 seconds. Takes around 1 hour and 10 mins to change to Pal