NTSC and PAL formats on the same DVD?



I would like to be able to produce a DVD that is playable everywhere in the world.

I can burn DVD+R media with a DVD-ROM booktype. I can make the DVD media region free (at least I think I can… DVDInfo reports the media as having regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 - is that the same as region free or do I need to find some software that will convert this to region 0 - which I read somewhere was the same as “ALL” regions?)

The 3rd part of the puzzle is NTSC and PAL. Assuming that all DVD players can play at least one or the other format (I know some can play both), how do I put versions in each format on the same DVD - kind of like commercial, pressed DVDs can have both TV and widescreen formats on the same disc? I’ve been using Roxio EasyDVD Creator, but that forces you to specify either NTSC or PAL when you encode and burn. So the version of my movie that’s in PAL, say, gets converted to NTSC by Roxio EasyDVD Creator when I do the burn if I specify NTSC in the preferences (and vice versa). Does anyone know of any authoring/burning software that would preserve the (NTSC or PAL) video format of the source mpeg-2 files, thus allowing some chapters to be NTSC and others to be PAL on the same disc?

Thanks for any help!!!