NTLDR is missing



since my move…i haven’t used my desktop till now and i get this error… i can’t find my boot up disks i made …is there any help or am i going to have to totally reformat :frowning:


NTDLR is in the root directory of your boot drive (C:)

You need a copyfrom another XP system preferably on a floppy, because some systems don’t recognize the USB until they have booted.

Newer systems do…

I’ve had this happen a couple of times the other easy way to fix it is to pull the HDD from the “failed” computer and install the drive temporarily in another computer with the same general version of the OS, copy the file from the “good” system and reinstall the drive back in the dead one the “failed” computer will then [I]USUALLY[/I] boot normally.

I haven’t looked at the NTDLR file in Windows XP Media Center, but I know that the NTDLR from XP-Pro will not always work on a computer with
XP-Home or Vice-Versa, I don’t know why…

So if you have “home” copy the NTDLR from another “Home” system, if you have “Pro” copy it from a “pro” system, etc…

On the XP-Pro SP3 I’m posting this reply from this file is 250048 bites.
I just checked and the NTDLR file on my XP-Home SP3 notebook is the same size since I updated to SP3)

So you probably won’t need to format and reinstall the Operating system

Good Luck.



I found the following link posted here at myce by Mr. Belvedere :
This is a topic also here at myce:

There are more topics here so maybe one will help.


I’ve had this happen when I had a floppy disc that wasn’t bootable inserted in the drive. If the boot order is set to look for the floppy drive first, it will cause an error.

Of course, very few people have floppy drives these days. :slight_smile:

You might want to look inside the case and see if the cables to the hard drives are still attached. Since you’ve moved the computer, you might have had either the power or data cable come loose.


If your motherboard battery has died you will have lost all your BIOS/CMOS settings. This too can cause the error you are getting. For example, if you had your BIOS set to use RAID and the battery dies, the RAID settings will be lost.

There’s not much reason that you have lost data on a hard drive simply by moving the PC to a new location. I would guess you have a lose cable or dead battery.



I have this very problem periodically. The boot sequence in BIOS gets reset to a secondary hard drive on my computer. This seems to happen randomly for me. I just go into the BIOS and reset it to boot from the right hard drive and all is good for a few weeks. The first time it happened I freaked out until I found out the cause.


Hi sexy,

you can just copy the file NTLDR over from a install cd/dvd onto the start partition to fix that issue.


That’s just it my disks are lost somewhere between the new place and possibly a storage unit that is where we use to live 3 hours away. I guess there isn’t a quick fix without my disks:-( I have checked the BIOS and they boot to floppy first so that isn’t a prob, checked the cables for loose ones , none found. Changed the battery recently so that shouldn’t be it either. Thanks for trying to help but the old tried and true method of getting that bootup disk is going to
be what I have to


Hey there SS,

This is a common problem and there are several automated solutions.

Get the appropriate tool that is available on this website. I have used the CD Rom ISO regulary to fix these kinds of problems.


sounds pro :slight_smile:


@Mr. Belvedere ; That’s why I posted the same link from one of your posts in another topic it looks like a good solution.
The instructions for doing it with a USB flashdrive looked interesting.


[QUOTE=cholla;2524649]@Mr. Belvedere ; That’s why I posted the same link from one of your posts in another topic it looks like a good solution.
The instructions for doing it with a USB flashdrive looked interesting.[/QUOTE] I have noticed it, thanks for putting up the link. I just added some extra info. If i have insulted you by doing so i humbly apologize.


Not insulted at all .
I’m glad you confirmed the link & that you have used it with success.


well i now have a bigger problem…
i ended up finding the discs…and decided to just do a reformat…
during the process…i inserted disc 1 and it went smooth…i then inserted disc 2…and get the message…
please insert disc 2 and click ok…
so i insert disc 2 again…and get the same message

i’m stuck doing a recovery…and it won’t do nothing now :frowning: but ask for that stupid disc 2…