Ntldr is missing

Hi guys, Another newbie here Kal’s the name!

As you know Ntldr is a tricky one.
I’ve built a few pcs before but lack in depth hardware knowledge.
Whenever i’ve seen Ntldr is missing i’ve just re-installed windows,
formatted the drive, once i started an install and rebooted after copying files and that seemed to fix the problem…But not this time.

This time it happened on a machine that’s been working fine for ages and I desperately need the system working again so no formatting!

I recently tried to recover some files from old hard drives via usb caddy if that makes a difference. Since I shutdown that night I was messing with the caddy the next time I powered up the NTLDR was missing.

Please help, I herd upgrading BIOS might help so will do but isnt ntldr a windows file? don’t see how it ties in.

XP sp2 32bit
ecs Geforce6100SM-M2 V1.0A (motherboard)
original bios
seagate hd and a crappy cd writer that dont open unless u pick it ,both IDE

AFAIK, ntldr is a hidden system file (OS loader).
IIRC, simply copying a copy of ntldr to the first activated primary partition (or just there where the OS installation lies) will let you normally startup the OS afterwards.
It also could be that the entries in boot.ini are wrong or the MBR or bootsector of the harddisk is damaged.

I could be wrong, but thats what I rem.


Please have a look at these articles:


As a last resort, you may try a repair install:


Cheers guys,

I can get to the recovery console with my xp cd but i never set an administrator password and the fix requires one!
when i press enter it exists the console……any ideas?
I’ve tried password and imtheboss…no joy

I’m gonna try and get a floppy disk like it said in one of the articles…I might have disabled my floppy so this is a pain sigh, but i’ve got some things to try i’ll keep you guys posted. Hopefully copying over the files from a boot disk will do it…I thought floppys were extinct! Good thing I didnt get a new case and chuck the floppy drive!

Does anyone know if its possible to copy the necessary boot files over from the xp boot cd to the local disk manually?

If possible I would really appreciate some step by step instructions.
I’ve been messing around in the cmd prompt and stumbled on some commands that might help like fixboot and the mbr one (looked scary with a message about messing up the partitions so I left that for now) and because I never did set an administrator password I can’t access the recovery console to perform a fix so I think it is possible to do a manual fix, its just having the knowhow to do it.

I downloaded the bios update to a usb stick but cant access it!
Any ideas on how to load that up? I tried doing… E:/bios/winflash but it didnt work :frowning:

Pleeeeeease help me

Thanks for the help guys
chef you was spot on with the analysis, and Michael your links to recovery console helped me get to command line where I could do fixboot and chkdsk /r which both repaired the boot sector and corrut sectors on the hard disk. 1st thing I did was set an Administrator password!!!

Much love guys, you two are champions of the people :slight_smile:

i’m off to buy an external hard disk and back this up! Thanks.

Glad you are up and running again :slight_smile: :clap: