NTLDR is missing

Now before anyone points me to other threads I did search and none of the solutions work as it won’t even boot from the CD.

I was trying to install windows XP on a friends’ PC when there was a power failiure. Got the power back and tried again but no joy, kept getting the error message that is the title of this thread, every time I tried to boot from XP CD.

I went to MS website to look for help and it does give a download for creating XP boot floppies but requires 6 floppy discs which I don’t have. Is there a way to create a CD version?

It is not my PC and the only alternative I can think of is a low level format but don’t want to try that if anything else can be done.

i dont realy understand but …

u can boot from Win98/Me … and delete/format what u want (use Fdist or something) and then manualy turn on win XP setup hm i gues WinCD:\I386\winnt.exe i think will run winXP setup

But I didn’t have a boot floppy. I was hoping there would be a way to make a CD version from the thing I got from MS for XP as it is ntfs and not fat32. Well I had to do a low level in the end, so it is now up and running.

I get NTLDR is missing, when there is a USB pen/mp3 drive pluged in while booting. If you have any, unplug it. This MS Knowledge Base link might help you.


Already searched MS as I said in my first post but it was no good as I was gettting the messge when I tried to boot from CD as well as hard drive, thqat is also where I got the work around info about the boot floppies.

Nothing was pluged in, I was doing a fresh re-format and reinstall on the OS partition as i hed to rebuild his PC. The only things plugged in where the keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Funnily enough it recognised Powermax disc so had to do a low level format as I said and reinstalled after wards and everything went like clock work.

On the Active Data Recovery site you can find NtfsFloppySetup, free.

Oooh, this is one of those evil error messages I hope to never see again. I’ve gotten it several times. Even replacing ntldr.exe didn’t fix it, more error messages. Only way I could fix it was to reinstall, which is such a pain.

Ok, I know this was posted in 2005 but I’m sure people are thinking what the h**l…Anyway, there’s no solution so here’s one and a few others too.

There is step by step instructions to solving the NTLDR issue here as well as a whole host of other boot problems.


Hope it helps.