NTL UK trials BitTorrent as means of delivering pay content

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 The main  file sharing network technology that the movie industries fear the most,  BitTorrent will be trialled with the UK cable firm NTL as a means of  distributing purchased movies and music...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11488-NTL-UK-trials-BitTorrent-as-means-of-delivering-pay-content.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11488-NTL-UK-trials-BitTorrent-as-means-of-delivering-pay-content.html)

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Yes and with their policy on capping people this means after you get a couple of movies you will have reached your limit and be locked off for the month. Excellent, this is why I’m on Bulldog.

Errrr check your info Starghost… The NTL service for cable 1 meg and 2 meg bb is uncapped now. The NTL service opperated thorugh a BT line (now all migrated or in the process of migrating over the the co-company Virgin - Yes, ntl own virgin internet) is uncapped also. However the caveat to this, is (at the time I last worked for ntl - about 6 months ago), the virgin no-contrac service was capped, but they just sent you a letter and you could ignore it! the ntl 8 and 10 meg services are capped at present but those services are capped for these p2p reasons. Of course if ntl adopt the bittorrent methodology, they would have to ensure that the premium content wouldnt add to the bandwith allowance if it was present. Remember too you have to pay extra for the premium contnet anyway… I admit that a 1meg service may not be the best for p2p, but unless your impatient, then it’s perfectly possible to get the files you want…
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I’ve never received a letter from NTL for going over the cap. Last month I copied a 200gb HDD from my friend at uni and NTL haven’t said anything to me at all.

you pay to download from other users, what a scam, if i pay I want a high speed pipe from the source. I don’t want to rely on whether enough people are sharing for my download. Like videogame makers with their demo’s and patches that you can never find on their website.

i go with telewest (ntl and telewest are in the process of merging i believe), i have the 10mb uncapped package and it totally kicks ass. i think between the 5 of us using the net in the house (student house), we easily use up over half a terabyte of bandwidth a month, and they don’t care, i’ve never once received a complaint or notice of any kind.

Yes ntl are buying out telewest as for the bandwitch log - to be honest, it is difficult for them to keep a tab on things. They tend to really limit the speed until the next payment date, but that is very rare to be honest
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I thought NTL was already running BitTorrent, as it’s infrastructure! That’s why it’s having problems on the 10meg service :g