Nti gold and AOM

just to let yaz know on a whim we used nti gold to backup age of mythology
worked fine :):bow:

Safedisc 2.70.030 (Disc 1 only)

Read and write?

Reader/burner brand and model? It would have to be a LITEON, ASUS or some other correct-EFM burner

NTI DVD maker Gold suite (comes with burner)
Default install

Worked on both disc’s
Took a while to make the image, but once it was done, the burn went smooth.

Do you play from the Sony?

No I installed it from a Plextor-W4824A

If playing from the burner, how are you hiding the ATIP (the fact that it’s a CD recordable) from the protection?

Sorry man, I was using odies account for the previous posts.

I am not hiding anything(if I am, then I wouldn’t have the first clue what is happening), I just burned it and installed from my other burner, and it works.

  1. Backed up cd1 with NTI DVD maker Gold Suite ver

  2. Installed from Plextor W4824A.

  3. Had a minor sound issue, installed fixed.EXE

  4. Play without cd.

Ah, so it’s a cracked .EXE? Doesn’t count dude. I can use Easy CD Coaster Creator and get the same thing :wink:

I copied the game and played it with out the cracked exe.

The sound issue I had was fixed when I rebooted.

I installed it on a few Computers with no problems, from the back up cds.
rebooted them and No problems.

I just hate having to use cds when I play games.I play games

What can I say? I have to try this. I’m with you, too. I’m a Guerilla Gamer and PCPowerPlay is my home.