NTI CDMaker 2000

Who has the crack of this prog.

I was downloading it when it was removed due to complains of the maker.


Hi Wilma, so we have to wait for a new one.
Maybe cdrsoft will come with a new one.
They still have the old pro.


Sorry guys but when I get mail from a software company then I can do only do one thing

So ask around on forums but please don’t mail me about it.

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by TheNetMech:
PSsstt!! check the forum <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Hey TheNetMech, tnx fur ur reply but maybe I’m blind like Jules deKorte.
I can’t find it. Just finished searching on 3 site. Give me a hint.

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Once again tnx fur ur reply.
Ok I understand that their is nothing else then if I like this prog to purchase it.

Tnx a lot and have a nice week-end.


Hi xinixs

Just check your mail (send it to wilma also)

Sri folks,

Don’t mail me about any crack of this prog because I don’t have it and second forget this whole crap plse.


plse close this thread!!!

yo wilma, xinixs, or dreamw, can you send me the crack. i’ve posted on the general chat but i got no respond, but found out there are so many postings here. NTI CD Maker is the only prog that can support mah cdr so i’m in desperate need of it. if you can, plze send it to ieet_oracle@yahoo.com. Thanx

I don’t want to offend u but read this thread and u can understand that the maker do not like that their program is treated this way.

Once again;


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Update 22.05.2000

NEW: NTI CD Maker 2000 Win9x crack
Info: This contains cracked exe files, these works only under Windows 95/98. We will
have full version very shortly !