NTI CD Maker!



I dont know why we dont have an “NTI CD&DVD Maker” forum in this site ?.. IMO NTI’s software best & most stable& flawless general purpose recording software at the moment .

www.ntius.com :slight_smile:


I agree that the NTI software is very good.

However, there aren’t enough NTI users here to make a separate forum worthwhile. Also, many Nero users will follow a groupthink party line and discourage the use of any other general purpose burning software. This makes it difficult to get recognition for any other software, as you may have deduced from the response to your inquiry. :slight_smile:


cenkog welcome aboard :slight_smile:

There aren’t enough NTI users here. This explains both why a new NTI forum wont have enough traffic and the fact that there where no responses to your question. People have the right to chose which product to use and to which threads to reply.