NTI CD & DVD-Maker, UDF and DVD+R DL




I work in a little company that sells mostly Acer computers that has NTI CD & DVD-Maker preinstalled. I discovered the bug described below as i tried to store a 6.5 Gb Image-File by a client with NTI to DVD+R DL.

DVD +R DL (Verbatim and Memorex). Tested on two different systems: New Acer Veriton-7700GX with NTI 6.7 latest Build, LG GSA-4163 firmware updated to latest release. Then a own build system with AMD 1.4GHz, NTI 7.0 Platinum Trial, Pioneer DVR-109 firmware updated to latest release. Installed on both systems only NTI, no other burn software, all XP Service Packs and MS Patches.

The Problem: Burn of a +R DL DVD with ~ 8.5Gb Data Files (largest 6.5Gb), UDF, Track at once, close disc takes ~4 Minutes, then it finish and the Program reports that all was succesfull. In Windows-Explorer i can see the Files with the correct size but any access fails with can’t read or file not found. Also NTI’s Session Explorer can’t read it. If i look on the dvd surface then i can see that only a small part have been written.
If i repeat it with a normal DVD-R (same settings) and ~4.4Gb Data then it takes ~15Min. and all is on the DVD. With selected UDF only the small files are readable with explorer but all readable with NTI’s Session Explorer. The same on both systems. I think that NTI CD&DVD Maker has a problem (bug?) with UDF and Dual Layer DVD’s. 2 DL DVD’s (cost ~20$) for Trash now!

I’ve written this to NTI’s support before a month but no response. Acer CH is also informed. My question now is: Has anyone here NTI and has this or similar problems with it? I know that Nero and Roxio has no problem with UDF and DL but if we remove NTI on new Acer machines then nobody is willing to pay for a replace and we’ve to pay and install it itself.

Thank you