NTI CD and DVD Maker Multi Session Modified Date



hi, can I just ask if anyone has encountered the problem below or has any clue on how to solve it?

Recently I realised that when my NTI CD and DVD Maker creates multi session discs, the “modified dates” of the files from the previous session( s ) do not appear in the CD layout. And after burning the latest session onto the disc, those files from the previous sessions are changed to weird values such as 01 January 1857…I have reformated my computer and reinstalled the software…but the issue does not seem to go away. I did not have this problem up till even two weeks ago (I had used the software for almost 10 months…)…Does this appear to be a problem with the software? or could it be a problem with my hardware? The same problem seems to affect both my internal DVD writer drive and my external Cd writer drive…

Will sincerely appreciate any help. Thank you