NTI burning problem can you help me pls!

Dear friends
i want to use this app but there is something wrong
i know that my asus cd-rw can burn an overburn cd
but when i use NTI there is something wrong but i dont understand
look at this pic pls

i make the overburn limits to 90 min
but the it is still 700 mb and when i add a files forexample 735 mb
it says you cant burn this
please fix the size of file (something like that)
pls my friends,do i miss something?

All I can say is that NTI is sorry and bug-ridden software. Their Backup Now! was the sorriest backup program I had ever used–and you do not get one year of free updates as the rest of the software industry offers.

Hopefully someone else can help you, as I stopped using NTI long ago b/c of their sorry customer service, lousy tech support and awful software.

could you suggest a program pls ?
i am going to burn some dvd’s and overburn disc in 5 days i really need a good burning software
almost all of the programs have a bug that i try :(((

you are never going to fit 90min onto an 80min CD, about the max you will get is 86min in DAO mode

One possibility that might solve your problem is to get a Plextor burner that also includes Plextools Professional, as under that you could use the “Gigarec” function to test your cd-r to see how much it could be ‘overburned.’ Also, while it could solve that issue, it might not be the cheapest way, either. Anyway, the Gigarec function would let you overburn a disc (depending on how good the test results are) and record the information you need on it. However, while that disc may be fine on a Plextor burner in your computer, it is not guaranteed to play in other computer drives. That’s the best I can do… hopefully someone else will come along and have a better and cheaper solution, as I’m sure there is one or two still out there, with all the people here who burn DVDs and CDs.

there is an overburn test in nero test your drive option
what do you think about cdrwin?

There’s a prog., DVD2one, for copying dvds on a single cd.