Nti backup help



Can someone please help me… I’m trying to backup my files using NTI backup, but for some reason it doesn’t go pass after saving 0.01 of <file size> and then it stops responding… Even if I use NTI CD Maker, it’s doin the same thing but not easy CD creator, EZCD works fine… If ever there’s also a CDR backup program ( not the partition, just files )that you guys can recommend… I want a backup file program that doesn’t restore the partition, just files… Thanks…


get nero burning rom if you only want to backup certain files. or, if you want to take a risk with packet-writing (i say risk, because sometimes it doesn’t work right), then you can try directcd or packetcd.


ok… but what I really want is to backup my files without dragging the files one by one… Cause I have to backup 4GB files on each drive, so8 to 9 GB total… Please help… Thanks