NTI 7 error

Hello. I have been using NTI cd & DVD Maker 7 to burn movies. It has been working perfectly untill recently. Now when I use DVD Fit, I get “error 2002” when I click to transcode & the program won’t continue. I’ve re-installed the program, but the error persists. I haven’t changed any settings or installed/uninstalled any new software lately. Has anyone here received this error or know where I can find out what the error means?

But you can use Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Restore
to take your computer back a few days, to when it WAS working.

Thanks for the reply. I had thought of restore, but there was only 1 date avalible & that was the day before. I’ve also scanned for adware/spyware & ran a full virus scan. All came back clean except for a tracking cookie. I’ve also tried finding info on the error through Google, with no luck. There is no mention of error codes on the NTI site.

Are you trying to ‘transcode’ directly from a disk? If so is it an original disk and if it is do you have any decryption software running in the background?

I guess your system made a system restore point for the day before, because you installed something?

nemesis01: No, I had already ripped the disk to my HD & I then use NTI DVD Fit for the transcoding because it is faster than anything else & keeps all the menus.

debro: No, I hadn’t installed any new software for some time before I started getting this error.

Oh well, I have other progs I can use untill I get this worked out. If I find out what caused it, I will post it here… Thanks