NTFS Dos Tools for FirmWire

which tools can i use for Clean Dos Console for FirmWire a Burner i have tried few tools non of them gave me executeable loading only copy …?

Thanx for Any Answer :smiley:

I can barely understand this question, but I’ll try to interpret and give an answer.

Sounds like you’re trying to update firmware from DOS instead of Windows for some reason, and… I have no idea what the rest of it is supposed to mean.

I can’t quite understand the question either, but putting NTFS + DOS + firmware together, I can suggest a link:

No idea if this is what the original poster is seeking, tho…

Maybe… He wants to update his firmware so he boots into DOS, but left the firmware file and flasher util on his hard drive which is NTFS, so he can’t access it… Eh, just a guess. If that’s the case, put the flasher + firmware file on the boot disk too!

Sorry for misleading u…
i want to FirmWire how do i do it?
but like understoo by are asking Non Windows Dos how do i get Non Windows Dos?

What manufacturer has tools that only need DOS? I’m stumped there.

Windows is an unstable mess when it comes to dealing with drives. You got an OS that sends messages to the drives polling it at regular intervals, you have background programs that interact with the drive, etc. It’s like performing surgery in the middle of a busy street. Flashing in Windows is the number one cause of firmware misflashes, which is why a number of manufacturers require that firmwares be flashed in DOS.

@The Doom Master
See the link I provided above about creating a boot disk that is designed specifically for firmware flashing. Use that. As for the rest, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer as this varies from drive to drive.

yeah thanx code65536 the link is great what i have been looking for… :smiley:

Alright, glad it’s handled. The only drives I’ve had have been either Plextor or Yamaha, which do everything from Windows. Who uses DOS?

If you check around the firmware forum, and the dvd writer forum, you will find that there are some people who do use dos firmware flashers. Especially for rpc firmware.