Hi all,

I am trying to create a bootable CD (rescue disk) for my Win XP pro system. I am using Nero5.5.10. I have burned a disk that can see my FAT32 partition, but I wish to access my NTFS partitions as well.

Thank-you in advance for any help recieved.


I used the 3 boot disks created by NTFSPro, combined all the contents into a single 2.88MB image using WinImage and then made a cd using nero.

If the CD simply boots to a DOS session that you won’t be able to view any NTFS partitions, only FAT ones are viewable (as you’ve found out).

Only 3 programs (to my knowledge) do allow access to the NTFS file system from DOS:

Recovery Console (built into WinXP, installable option) - however, it allows very limited actions to be performed:(

NTFSDOS Pro - from www.winternals.com. Expensive though. Also available as part of their ERD Commander software utility. A freeware version is available called NTFSDOS from www.sysinternals.com However, this limited release only allows reading and not writing

CIA Commander - from www.ciacommander.com Utility package similar to ERD Commander, above.

perhaps help can be found at bootdisk.com ???

here you can find guides on how to make a lot of different boot cds http://www.nu2.nu/bootcd/
and ERD commander is really nice especially the locksmith tool :wink: