NSIS Error

Please Help! I received an NSIS Error when downloading updates for AnyDVD.
Goes on to say “This could be a result of an incomplete download, a failing disk or a virus. You can try to force an install by using the /NCRC command line switch (but this is not recommended).”

I think this occurred after the power went out in the middle of a download. Not sure how to fix it.


redownload it again and also uninstall your current Anydvd but make sure to save your serial and registration to input that into the new version.

I had already tried that and still comes up. Any other ideas? Thanks

never mind. I think I got it. For some reason it didn’t uninstall all the way. Thanks

wheww good to hear. I was going to say not to many users I heard had problems trying to install Anydvd. Just be aware that certain burning programs do conflict with Anydvd being resident in the taskbar or running in the taskbar. I know Imgburn and Dvdfab plat and blindwrite are a few that takes issues with Anydvd in the Taskbar for XP.