NSA Helped Microsoft Set Security for Vista



Microsoft Corp. and the National Security Agency confirmed last week that the intelligence agency helped the company configure Windows Vista so it meets the Pentagon’s security requirements.

Story: http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&articleId=279002&intsrc=news_ts_head

I guess there will be no more secrets.

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Wow. It does make you wonder if there would be some ‘back door’ somewhere. What I find odd, though, is how if the NSA has helped ‘secure’ an OS in the past and helped increase it being ‘secure,’ then how have U.S. gov’t websites been hacked into so often and with relative ease? Makes 'ya wonder. :stuck_out_tongue:


“there will be no more secrets”
-Certainly not on our side of the network. :doh:


If people are scared to use M$ products then use Linux or Mac…or have a closed network (non-Internet computer)…or just don’t use a computer.

So what if the NSA helped M$. Look at an open source OS like Linux…anyone in the world can get Linux code (including NSA) and it’s VERY secure.

I love PCs, but I know to keep any “sensitive” data stored on a media locked-up…NOT on a HD of an Internet connected computer.


Relax, Were are just making sport. :bigsmile:

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So do I :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


NSA: Um … how about you turn the firewall on by default.
Bill Gates: I suspect that that will cause difficulty for many users.
NSA: Oh pretty please, with sugar on top.
Bill Gates: Oh alright, if you insist. We’ll call it the Vista Secure Edition and charge an extra $500 per copy.
NSA: Um, Ok. I suppose we can sacrifice a few $5K hammers or $20K toilet seats to justify it over the consumer editions.


That’s actually pretty funny, debro, because aside from clever, it actually sounds plausible. :stuck_out_tongue:


It turns out that one of my unofficial job functions is Transcription of Recorded telephone discussions for the KGB :wink:


BTW…what is the Canadian equivalent of the U.S. NSA / CIA type “intelligence” agencies? They do have one…right?

I don’t know much about Canada, except that I would love to visit or even live there (If I was on the lam :bigsmile: ). Beautiful country!


The mounties do everything there … including national security :wink:


Less “redtape”…I bet it works better that way. :slight_smile:


Canadian Security Intelligence Service or CSIS.

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How do mounties torture rival spies with red-tape?

Maybe they tape them up, and tie them to a telegraph pole in the middle of a red-light district, renowned for it’s colourful clothing :wink:


If it’s winter, they tape them to anything outside and leave them in the cold.
If it’s summer, they tape them to a tree and cover them in peanut butter and leave them for the bears.

If the rival spy is particualrly unlucky they will indeeed get taped to a post in the middle of a red light district and left for the cougars… being mauled by cougars is a nasty, nasty end… :stuck_out_tongue:

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, google “Canadian bar cougar” or similar. One of the most fearsom weapons this nation has… )


Aye … Oz be very similar in wildlife …
Nighclubs near universities tend to be prowled by bar cougars, possibly of canadian origin.