NRI File Info

Where I can find info about how create NRI files in VB, or the file structure???

Alexandre R. de Sá

NRI files are compilations of Nero stored in a file. So you can’t create them with NeroAPI.

If you mean NRG files, that are Nero Image files: You can create them by burning to the Image Recorder.

yes …that’s my question too !!!

what if i want to read the File structure of a .NRI file !!!
for example , i want to read the files that are saved in that layout of a CD !!

is there any way to read that format !!
or any other CD Layout format for other cd burning programs … Easy CD creator ,Nero … …etc

if anyone know a site … link… … anything … ???

thanks !

Are the Nero file formats documented anywhere? I’m specifically curious about the NRC and NRI file formats. I would rather avoid using any sort of SDK/API to create and/or read these files, but if that is the only option, a pointer to which functions/classes/interfaces would be used for this would be very much appreciated.



Doesn’t look like there’s much out there. If anyone can be of assistance, I’d appreciate it. I’d like to write a program to convert .m3u to .nri.

Same here, is there really no documentation available anywhere? I’ve mailed the Ahead folks some time ago about other stuff but I’ve never gotten any reply. Maybe if enough ppl try and mail them about the .nri format? Of course we could reverse engineer it but that’s way over my head, how about yours?

One more thing: instead of converting the m3u to nri, how about burning the m3u straight from Winamp using the API as a plugin? You’d still need the format info since it’s not an easy we’re burning, right?

[color=darkblue]Chetwood’s DVD Snippets

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Home of MultiShrink: a small tool to enable DVD Shrink batch processing[/color]

I was interested too… no one succeded in getting any info?