Nri - file index

hi @all

can anyone give me information about .nri files?
i try to read out the index information to create a dvd-database-tool importing information from this files!
unfortunately nri creating functions seem not to be implemented in neroAPI!

greets apgza

I also need such a database tool!

Sorry but there is no official documentation of .NRI file layout available. NRI files are stored Nero compilations and can not be used for NeroAPI, therefore this is not NeroSDK related question.

I just started using a program called Ruby. goto to pick it up. the program was designed for cd-r’s but works for dvd’s too.

from their site…
"A program designed to catalog the files on CD-Rs. A search can be initiated on the database just like the Windows Find feature. Find the disc that a particular file is on with this utility. Can also catalog floppies, Zip disks, other removable media, and even hard drives. Available as shareware. "