NRI file format


I have a list of folders that I need to burn to Nero Burning ROM. I don’t necessarily want to use the SDK, but am open to that possibility. I have a list of folders (usually 10-50) that need to be burned to DVD. It would be nice if there was a way to create the NRI file automatially so that I wouldn’t have to drag and drop folders within NBR6 for backup processes. Is there a way to automate this drag and drop of folders in Nero, or supply a list?

Thanks in advance
Mike McWhinney
elja, Inc.

Can you tell me more about what you are trying to do? I am currently developing an application for automating a lot of different cd/dvd burning operations (particularly when hundreds of Gigs of data is being burned one cd/dvd after another). The idea to “supply a list” is interesting. Using your example of 10-50 folders, is the goal to burn (to image or disc) one folder per cd/dvd (image or disc)? Or, is the goal to burn (to image or disc) all folders on the least number of cds/dvds possible? If you were to supply a list, how would that list be formatted, and how would the (desired) application process that list (ie. what would you want the program to do with the list)?

Maybe your answers will provide me with some interesting requirements specifications.


We are basically trying to burn a single DVD worth of data from Nero Burning ROM. Although it could be the other simplified Nero burning application (Nero Express?). We are burning about 7-20 folders,each which may have nested folders up to about 4 deep.

The list supplied could be in any format, but probably a text file. i.e.


Something like that.

Don’t worry about specifying how many folders deep to recurse. Basically, you have a drive that has 7 - 20 folders on it like this:


And, you want to be able to burn those folders to a DVD at any given time without having to drag and drop into Nero BurningROM or BackITup.

Really though, that is only one folder (ie. the C:\data folder).

Are you looking for a way to schedule that operation?

Why aren’t you simply dragging and dropping the C:\data folder?

Is this a one time operation, and you just don’t want to have to drag and drop the folders?

Or, will you want to burn many single DVDs of the same or different folders every day?

Do you simply want to be able to select the folders once (or supply a list) and then be able to simply burn a DVD with the click of a button?

I’m a little bit confused on why you don’t want to drag and drop the folders. I’d like to help, but I’m having some difficulty understanding what functionality you are seeking.

I certainly understand that it can be tedious to drag and drop hundreds of folders, hundreds of times for burning hundreds of gigs of data (that’s precisely why I started developing the application that I’m currently developing with Nero SDK). But, it doesn’t sound like that is your issue.

We aren’t really looking for a way to schedule this operation. We would simply drag and drop the folders (actually, that’s how I’m doing it now). HOwever it is possible the entire c:\data\folder1 folder may not be desired to be copied. It might only be a subset of this folder:


and NOT


This is an operation that is done 1 time only, but 1, 2, 3 or more copies may be made. The operation should only be done one time (such as a list like you suggested), and burn a DVD with a single click.

This is why I would like to have the list of folders a priori (beforehands) and simply burn that list of files/folders to a DVD. If I have to use something like DAO or other software that allows users to provide a cue/folder list I will do that. I just like to use Nero because of it’s wide usage.

Okay, I think I understand now. Can the 7-20 folders each have an unlimited number of subfolders? It seems like the process of creating a list of folders (like in your example) would be quite tedious. I wish my application was ready for external use, because I’d love to get your feedback (especially in your interesting scenario). Feel free to send me an email at if you want to keep tabs on the progress of my application.

As far as Nero being able to read a cue/folder list…I don’t know. I know it can burn an disc from a bin/cue file, but not sure about a folder list. I doubt it.