NRG to WAV - Is it possible?


A friend of mine sent me a few DVDs. The DVDs contain 4 NRG (Nero image) files each. They all are images of audio discs with many tracks in them. One of the images somehow has only 1 track in it, whereas it should have 10.

What I want to do is :

  1. Get the music files on my hard disk as wav files without burning the images onto a disc and then ripping from there to my hdd. Is this possible and how?

  2. Get the music file on the problematic disc-image as 1 single wav (so I can split it into multiple wavs) without burning it onto a disc… Is this possible and how?

  3. I have requested my friend to send me the CUE sheet for the problematic disc (so I could use it while splitting the single wav file into multiple tracks). If the method-2 above is not possible, would it be possible to burn this single-track-disc-image onto a cd with correct gap settings with the help of the CUE sheet that I have so the CD created has multiple tracks as it should have? How could I do it?

If any of you could help with this, I’d be frover grateful.

Thanks in advance.


Simply click on an NRG and Nero opens with the image ready to burn. Burn it to a CDRW and then you can rip the files to HD.
Another option is to use Nero Image recorder to create an ISO which you can mount as a drive, then rip. I think there are a few programs that will mount a NRG, but I’m not sure. I also wonder if Nero’s virtual drive might mount an NRG.

Alcohol 52% does this very well.

If you have any recent Nero version you can use Nero Image drive to mount NRG files (and ISO files) as a virtual CD/DVD. Then you can use your preferred ripping program to rip the tracks to WAV files.

You will need the full version of Nero - not just the Express version.

Another way of extracting the WAV files from your NRG images is to use UltraISO. UltraISO is shareware (not freeware) but it is extremely useful if you work a lot with CD/DVD image files.

With UltraISO you can open your NRG image and directly extract the WAV files. You wil need a very recent version of UltraISO to do this (7.62 or later).

You can download a free trial of UltraISO, but I’m not exactly sure of the restrictions in the trial version (I have a fully licensed version myself).

The problem with audio discs is that you have to rip the files. If you try to just copy them from the image, you will probably just get the CDA pointers and not the files. So mounting the images and ripping is probably the way to go.

Not true with UltraISO - you get the real WAV files.

Try it if you don’t believe me! :cool:

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Thank you all friends for your replies.

I tried all of your suggestions and none of them worked. I believe the NRG images are faulty, that’s the reason I could not rip the tracks.

Anyway, the only solution I can find is to ask my friend to send me the discs again.

Thanks a lot again.

Regards to all.