Nrg Files

I recently got two nrg files and without thinking used nero to copy the files onto my drive. I cant burn the files themselves so how do I convert them back to .nrg format?

Make a new data or whatever compilation in Nero, go to the Choose Recorder menu, and set it to the virtual drive. This will write the files into an .nrg image.

Im backing up game files though so wouldnt just making a data CD make the files unusable as a game.

Give it a try but in all probability yes. The original nrg files , if they’d been burned straight to disk, would most likely have worked. I would guess you’ll only meet failure now, mind you it depends what protection was there.

Yeah it didnt work, the files were burned in nrg fine but the game wont recognize it. Anyother ideas?

Redownload em. You’ve tossed away information you can’t materialize out of nowhere.