.nrg file question

I do a 30 min. tv show which I convert and burn to dvd using Nero. I burn the movie to image rather than directly onto a dvd so I can make copies easier. As each show ends up being only about 1.5 gb, I’d like to put 2 shows on each dvd. I can’t figure out how to burn multiple .nrg files onto the same dvd. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so, how?


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To create a disc with 2 or more movies on it, you can use DVD Shrink in reauthor mode. Shrink is not able to import nrg files, so you must first convert your nrg in ISO or in single vob-bup-ifo files. To do this conversion, you can burn nrg files on a rewritable (to not waste discs; it’s a temporary thing) and then rip all files on HD, each movie in a different folder. Then you can import each folder in Shrink in reauthor mode.

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There is an easier option.

Mount NRG or ISO image on a virtual drive like Daemon Tools. You’ll then see all the folders/files which then can be imported in Shrink.

Easier still for new ones is to stop at the folder stage rather than image.

Thanks for the replies. I see what you’re saying, but what I don’t get is this - when I transcode and then burn the image to my harddrive, Nero creates the .nrg file. I can then, at any time, burn the .nrg to as many dvd’s as I want using NERO. BUT Nero only seems to let me burn one .nrg file per dvd, no matter what size the .nrg file is. I can’t believe Nero isn’t set up to burn multiple .nrg’s, but I’m beginning to realize Nero is more of a consumer app than a pro app and maybe I’m expecting too much.

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This is because nrg is a file similar to ISO.

Usually these are so called “Image” files, aka these files are the specular image of the entire contents of a disc. Burning an image file, then is a way to reproduce an entire disc.

Then, each nrg or iso is equivalent to a complete disc, and you can burn only one nrg file for each disc.

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Crystal clear! Thank you. I get it now. Maybe I shouldn’t be burning to image (.nrg). The other option I see is to save the project to a file (TS?). I did this once, but thougt going the .nrg route was better, but I don’t remember why.

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If you want to put more than a movie on a single disc, you can. Simply save as vob files each movie in a separate folder, and then use dvd shrink in reauthor mode.

Then you can also create menus with this freeware software



Thanks for the help. I think I’ll dl dvdshrink and do it that way. I’ve burned my shows to dvd so I’ll rip and combine. Thanks again,