NRestore.exe Errors

Hi there people.

FIrst off I would like to make mention that I have tried pretty much everything that I could find on this forum with no result.

My PC crashed yesterday (again) so I decided that I would backup everything necessary on my HDD.

My HDD setup was like this.

1 x Maxtor 120GB SATA HDD (Split into one 85GB System Partition and one 25GB Logical Partiton)

The Logical partition contained EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING, besides my music and the system files.

I was running Nero 6.0.1.x (I think) and used the HDD BackUp Facility provided. All went well, and I was able to backup the 13GB of Server Files, Web Work, Design Work, and all my software.

After formating the HDD and reinstalling WIN XP PRO SP2, I tried to run the NRestore file on the first disk. I got the following error:

An application has attempted to directly access the hard disk, which cannot be supported…

I then proceded to restart my PC and run the Boot Disk section of NRestore, which gives me an EMM386.EXE error.

Now I know that this file is Memory Specific, but I am running a barebones Windows XP with 1GB Dual Paging DDR400 Ram.

What is causing this problem? Is there a solution, or am I faced with losing my entire business contents, because of a corrupted file, or Nero being corrupted.

Please could anybody help me with this, I am desperate.

Did you try to reinstall Nero and restore using that?

Yes, I have tried that, but it doesn’t work, because the version of Nero I have is a newer version and BackItUp uses a different file format and backup method with the new version.

THe newer Nero BackItUp uses *.nbi files whereas the older version used NRestore.exe

I think the only way I am going to maybe get this right is if I get that exact nero version.

But I cannot remember the version. I think it was 6.0.1.x or something.