Nrestore boots off CD-ROM, then says it can't find CD-ROM?!

Trying to restore a backup of a system drive from DVD which was made using Backitup version

I just did a fresh installation of XP and really made this backup to test whether it would be a good way to clone my startup drive, so everything fit on 1 DVD.

The wierd thing is that it boots fine off the DVD, gives me the memory/drive “choose 1 or 2 message”, then eventually gets to a point where it says Nrestore can’t find the CD-ROm drive. Any thoughts?

I’ve checked the contents of the DVD and the Nrestore dos utility is definitely there…

Hoping someone can shed some light here,

If it’s able to boot from the drive then is does detect the CD-Rom drive, in the Nrestore screen scroll down and select the drive in which you have the restore disk and press enter to start the restore process.